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Wal-Mart, land donation & more on Tuesday agenda

Written by Bobby Vasquez. Posted in News

2015 City Hall SmallIN NEWS
Deer Park City Council will meet Tuesday evening for its regular worskshop and meeting. Its regularly scheduled workshop is at 7 p.m., followed by the regular agenda meeting at 7:30 p.m. Both take place in council chambers in City Hall, 710 E. San Augustine.

The agenda for both the Deer Park City Council workshop and regular meeting is set for Tuesday.

During the workshop, which begins at 7 p.m., council will discuss a proposed PAX water mixers and residual control system for the Coy Street water storage tanks. The PAX water mixer is used to help the city maintain proper chlorine residuals in water stored in its water towers and tanks. Because the technology is proprietary, PAX Water Technologies qualifies as a sole source vendor. Total installation cost is $148,595.00 and will be funded through the Water Sewer Fund Contingency. Council will take action on this item during the regular meeting.

Council will also discuss the potential use of external shipping containers in a general commercial zoning district. This discussion stems from Wal-Mart’s request for use of seasonal external shipping containers for seasonal outdoor storage.

The city consulted with an attorney which previously drafted the city’s master comprehensive plan, zoning update and subdivision ordinance update. The attorney assisted with providing an ordinance amendment that would allow Wal-Mart to have its storage units while upholding standards specified by the city.

The amendments include:

Shipping containers may be allowed in the GC General Commercial district for outdoor storage purposes subject to compliance with all the following requirements:

  1. The commercial use must be a minimum of 25 acres in size;
  2. Shipping containers must be located behind the primary structure;
  3. Shipping containers must be fenced and screened from public view along public rights-of-way by a solid fence that is a minimum of six inches above the height of the shipping container, and is a maximum of eight feet in height, measured from the ground;
  4. Shipping containers shall not be placed in required loading zones, parking areas, easements, internal street lanes, or fire lanes;
  5. Shipping containers shall be placed only on an approved impervious surface;
  6. Shipping containers shall not exceed forty in number at any time;
  7. Shipping containers shall not be stacked;
  8. Shipping containers will be allowed for no more than 90 consecutive days, once a year; and
  9. Shipping container placement must meet all applicable permanent construction setback requirements of city codes.

Should council agree to these amendments, the city will begin the process of amending the zoning ordinance.

During the regular meeting, council will take action on an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2016-17 Water and Sewer Fund Budget to accommodate the PAX system; and a mutual aid fire protection agreement. This agreement calls for mutual aid fire protection for municipalities, volunteer fire departments, and emergency service districts throughout Harris County for one year.

Council will also take action on accepting a donation of 4.5663 acres of land from Dean Lawther. The property is located in southwest Deer Park along Glenwood Avenue, across from the Harris County Flood Control District ditch from the western boundary of the Spencerview Sports Complex. The city will use this property as a parking area for the fields at Spencerview.

Also, council will take action on Deer Park ISD’s request to install and use an outdoor siren system at Clyde Abshier Stadium. This system will serve the stadium and the South Campus and provide a visual and auditory warning of lightning strikes within a set perimeter of the stadium and campus. This system will allow coaches and referees to suspend play and/or practice until it is safe to resume. The request includes Deer Park ISD to become an authorized entity to operate the siren.

In other business, council will set public hearings for the Fiscal Year 2017-18 Crime Control and Prevention District and Fire Control and Prevention and Emergency Services District budgets on Aug. 15 at 7:30 p.m. in City Hall.