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City: no curfew in place for Deer Park

Written by Staff. Posted in News

Mayor Jerry Mouton, in consultation with the City Manager, the Deer Park Police Chief and the Emergency Services Director, has made the decision not to place the residents of Deer Park under a curfew overnight on Sunday, August 27.

“The citizens’ safety and well-being is of paramount importance, and DPPD will be sending out extra patrol units to provide oversight and enforce the City’s ‘no wake’ ordinance,” Mayor Mouton said. “However, as curfews are intended to infringe upon the public’s right to be out and warranted when it prevents looting, rioting, etc., the conditions that warrant a curfew are not present in Deer Park at this time.

“We urge our citizens to remain indoors, stay off the roads if at all possible, and keep themselves and their families safe as this storm continues. We will continue to monitor local and state reports and provide updates as they are available.”

Weather forecast

According to the latest information from the National Weather Service, the forecast for the Deer Park area includes an additional six to 10 inches of rain for Sunday evening and overnight. This amount is in addition to an estimated 25 inches that have fallen up to this point.

“Due to ground saturation and the bayou systems reaching capacity, additional street flooding is highly likely,” Emergency Services Director Robert Hemminger said. “Our best advice would be to stay indoors and off of roadways. If you are on the roads, please be mindful of the City's 'no wake' ordinance, and do not drive in a manner that causes damage to other vehicles or property."

Communication with industry partners

Citizens are assured that the City of Deer Park is in communication with industry partners including Shell and is following up on inquiries regarding plant activity.

“We have received calls to the DPPD Communications Center regarding an odor coming from the plant region,” Hemminger said. “We are in close contact with industry and have confirmed that the odor recognized is a standard part of the shutdown process and is expected to end within the next 12 hours.”

Please relay any concerns to the Deer Park Police Department at 281-479-1511.