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Tournament, partnership score big for Education Foundation

Written by Bobby Vasquez. Posted in Schools

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Since 2011, the Texas Invitational Basketball Tournament has paid dividends for the Deer Park Education Foundation. This year, the basketball tournament raised more than $47,000 for the Foundation. This money funds innovative curriculum outside the regular school budget.

2017basketballcheckThe Deer Park Education Foundation recently received its proceeds from the 2016 Texas Invitational Basketball Tournament. The three-day event benefits both the Deer Park and Pasadena education foundations. This year's tournament brought in more than $47,000 for the Deer Park Education Foundation. Photo by Bobby Vasquez.The partnership between the Deer Park and Pasadena Education Foundations has become a slam dunk for the two organizations. Proceeds from the 2016 Texas Invitational Basketball Tournament were divided between the two schools.

On Tuesday, Kirk Lewis, chairman of the basketball tournament presented the Deer Park Education Foundation with a check for $47,084.03, its share of proceeds from the event. The Pasadena Education Foundation, which hosts the tournament at many more venues across its district, was awarded more than $153,000 for its efforts.

The two foundations fund teacher grants which are used to take students’ learning experience and beyond the pages of textbooks. Some grants assist with technology while others go toward imaginative and innovative tie-ins to lesson plans.

More than 400 volunteers assisted in ensuring that 200 games featuring 48 men's and 32 women's basketball teams from across Texas go off without a glitch.

Lewis called the tournament a great mechanism for showing off the best of what Deer Park and Pasadena have to offer.

“We have teams from outside of our region that come into our communities and stay for the three-day weekend,” he said. “I cannot tell you how often we hear back from the coaches, players and parents of those teams who talk about the facilities we have, the friendliness of the people that are working the tournament.”

“While that is great for the chambers of commerce, it’s even better for our students. The whole goal of the tournament is to raise funds for grants for teachers,” he said. “These funds put money into the hands of teachers that a school budget can’t normally afford.”